Bas Suijs

Business Development

Bas co-founded WMC Energy B.V. in 2016 and brings a wealth of experience in commodity trading spanning over 20 years with positions held in Singapore, the United States, London and the Netherlands.

Bas’ nuclear fuel industry experience first began in2004 when he was project manager on the BHP Billiton M&A team, which acquired the Olympic Dam mine in 2004. Subsequently, he worked in base metals, diamonds & specialty products and the coal division of BHP. Bas returned to the nuclear fuel industry in 2012 when we became responsible for uranium sales from BHP’s Olympic Dam mine. Prior to BHP, Bas held various positions ranging from accounting to project and risk management.

Bas is Chairman of WMC Energy Group and overseas the day-to-day operations of the Company. Bas also has responsibility for commercial engagement with key customers across multiple geographic and functional areas.

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Head of Nuclear and Renewables
Sander Elting
Commercial, Risk and Funding
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Operations and Control
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Nuclear, Renewables and Battery Materials
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Nuclear, Renewables and Battery Materials
Sander Köllmann
Asset Development and Battery Materials

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