Wouter Langedijk

Executive Director Operations and Control

Wouter co-founded WMC Energy in 2016 and brings substantial experience in mining and commodity trading. Prior to WMC Energy, Wouter spent 7 years at BHP holding Energy and Carbon Steel Materials marketing and trading positions in The Hague, NL and London, UK.

At WMC Energy, Wouter is overseeing: corporate development, operations, transaction execution, finance and administration.

Wouter holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the Rotterdam School of Management in the Netherlands.

Our team

Mandeep Ludu
Head of Nuclear and Renewables
Fedor van der Post
Head of Battery Materials and Asset Development
Sander Elting
Executive Director Commercial, Risk and Funding
Bas Suijs
Senior Advisor
Per Jander
Director Nuclear and Renewables
Hanna Schweitz
Director Battery Materials and Asset Development
Julien Vaillant
Nuclear and Renewables
Sander Köllmann
Battery Materials and Asset Development
Markus Meurer
Senior Advisor Battery Materials and Asset Development

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