The Transition to a Low Carbon Economy

We believe that the commercialisation of low carbon solutions, including new and emerging technologies, will support the transformation of the global transportation and energy sectors. WMC aims to be a catalyst and enabler in the transition to a low carbon economy.

Reliable supply of the necessary Raw Materials

WMC Energy is an independent physical commodity merchant and industrial asset development company. Using our expertise and relationships, WMC assists suppliers, processors and end-users in the nuclear fuel and lithium-ion battery supply chain with their raw material needs and risk mitigation. We source, store, finance and deliver commodities worldwide, and help customers navigate the global physical commodity markets.

Since its foundation in 2016, we have completed a number of transactions with a diverse group of counterparties, which include some of the largest power utilities and mining companies throughout the world.  We continue to rely on our expanding access to funding markets.

It is our ambition to build robust and reliable supply chains and develop the assets necessary for the transition to a low carbon economy.

"We rely on in-house expertise and an established network of outside professionals to provide robust solutions for our customers."
Mandeep Ludu
Head of Nuclear Fuel

Our services

Inventory backed commodity supply  

We provide superior delivery certainty and flexibility for customers with mid to long-term commodity supply requirements.

Funding solutions

Providing structured commodity finance solutions designed to optimize balance sheet, secure working capital and reduce cost.

Risk management

Helping our customers manage their commodity price exposure, ensure material is delivered where and when it is needed, and reduce safety stock.  

Investment services

Our experienced team combine financial and commodity market knowledge to assist investors in capturing profitable opportunities in the global wholesale commodity markets.


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