Committed to nuclear energy

Our network and experience give us a unique position to help our customers meet their strategic goals.

Solutions developed by experience

WMC Energy is a full-service boutique commodities group with a focus on the nuclear fuel supply chain. It was founded in 2016 to provide tailored and creative solutions to nuclear industry participants across the entire fuel cycle. Our team has a combined 40 years of industry experience and is committed to nuclear power as a safe, clean and reliable energy source.

We have completed over 20 transactions with a diverse group of counterparties, including energy utilities, mining companies, processing plants and various intermediaries. A key part of WMC's success is our industry relationships and streamlined access to funding.

We are proud to have the infrastructure in place to transact with nuclear fuel market participants at licensed facilities around the world.

"We rely on in-house expertise and an established network of outside professionals to provide robust solutions for our customers."
Mandeep Ludu
Managing Director, Marketing

Our services

Inventory backed uranium supply  

We provide superior delivery certainty and flexibility for customers with mid to long-term uranium supply requirements.

Funding solutions

We design and provide efficient balance sheet solutions to secure financing, optimize working capital or reduce average inventory cost.

Risk management

We provide risk mitigation solutions to help customers manage their uranium price exposure and strategic inventory.

Investment services

We provide our extensive market knowledge, as well as our trading infrastructure to investors that are seeking access to the wholesale uranium market.

6.0m+ lbs.

Uranium in storage for long term transactions


Sales contracted since inception

40+ years

Experience in the nuclear industry

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